It doesn't matter how many years you live but how much you live in those years!

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I’m sobbing 😖😭

There is a difference between assumptions and theories. In my opinion they are two differents things. Let me show you my way of seeing it!
Assumptions: is things you assume out of nowhere, with no fact, you just believe in it!
Theory: theory is a opinion you create based on things you know, based on facts. Facts are things you see and that are there, they are real. You make connections between these facts and that connection is the thing that can be real or not! It’s like katy perry’s tweet: the tweet is a fact bc it’s there, it’s real but people connected that with taylor swift and that connection is a theory which needs to be proven.
Can you see the difference?
People usually confuses one with the other one! You shouldn’t!

We live in a world of hypocrites. When someone we hate do something scandalous we crucificate them but when someone we love do the same thing we shut our eyes and deffend them. This is the most ridiculous and hypocrite thing ever in the world. If someone you love do something wrong you should make them see the mistake and not caressing their head and say “I know you didn’t do it, I believe you. You would never do something like that.” FUCK YOU PEOPLE. I lost a friendship because I was being a REAL friend and not someone who agrees with everything that they do. That made me grow up, that made me see that people don’t want to receive help, they want to be undoubtable. So instead of agreeing with things that they do wrong just because is afraid of hurting them, help them to see their mistake. That’s what a REAL frieind should do.

"How many lives will I have to live until I make it right?"

Jessy Vollen

I wonder if people are naturally dumb or if they were raised like that. If it’s second option, i wonder if their parents were naturally dumb or if they were raised like that. And the doubt goes far than that!!

My baby girl!! #karchelle #doglove

My baby girl!! #karchelle #doglove

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Seriously who was the brilliant person that thought that a tour with Austin Mahone was a good idea.

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I hate it when someone is hot and funny like stop that you only get one

ssweet-dispositionn waakeme-up you two learn: just one!!

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Single choice group for BO$$